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Press Releases from the U.S. Copyright Office
Press Releases from the U.S. Copyright Office

“To promote the progress of science and useful arts, by securing for limited times to authors and inventors the exclusive right to their respective writings and discoveries” (U.S. Constitution, Article I, Section 8)

The following information is a compilation of materials on United States Copyright Law, taken from U.S. Copyright Office website - www.copyright.gov

Press Releases from the U.S. Copyright Office

This page contains copyright-related press releases issued by the Library of Congress. Read NewsNet for more news about U.S. Copyright Office hearings, deadlines for comments, new and proposed regulations, new publications, and other copyright-related subjects.


  • Librarian of Congress Announces DMCA Section 1201 Rules for Exemptions Regarding Circumvention of Access-Control Technologies (July 26, 2010) Text


  • U. S. Copyright Office to Adjust Fees (June 3, 2009) Text


  • Register of Copyrights Names New Associate Register for Policy and International Affairs (December 17, 2008) Text
  • United States Copyright Office Releases Section 109 Report (July 1, 2008) Text
  • U.S. Copyright Office Releases New Technology to Process Applications Online (June 25, 2008) Text
  • Study Group Issues Report Recommending Changes in Copyright Law to Reflect Digital Technologies (March 31, 2008) Text


  • Library of Congress and U.S. Copyright Office Issue Notice of Public Roundtable on Exceptions in Copyright Law for Libraries and Archives (December 14, 2006) Text
  • U.S. Copyright Office Announces Fee Increases (June 30, 2006) Text
  • Copyright Office Exhibition Closes for Renovation (April 17, 2006) Text
  • Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters Receives Lifetime Achievement Award (March 27, 2006) Text
  • U.S. Copyright Office Welcomes Students During Copyright Awareness Week (February 14, 2006) Text
  • Study Group to Host Public Roundtables in March 2006 on Copyright Exceptions for Libraries and Archives (January 17, 2006) Text
  • Librarian of Congress James H. Billington Appoints Three Copyright Royalty Judges (January 11, 2006) Text
  • Library of Congress Examines Copyright Issues in Digital Preservation of Commercial Sound Recordings (January 9, 2006) Text


  • Library Launches Web Site on Independent Copyright Committee (August 17, 2005) Text
  • Library's Copyright Deposits Yield Treasure Trove of American Creativity (August 10, 2005) Text
  • Section 108 Study Group Convenes to Discuss Exceptions to Copyright Law for Libraries and Archives (May 13, 2005) Text
  • U.S. Copyright Office Welcomes Students During Copyright Awareness Week, March 21-25 (March 4, 2005) Text


  • Librarian of Congress To Make Decision on Anticircumvention Related to Copyrighted Works (October 23, 2003) Text
  • Register of Copyrights Announces Appointment of Associate Register for Policy and International Affairs (January 29, 2003) Text
  • Certain Unpublished, Unregistered Works Enter Public Domain (January 13, 2003) Text
  • Announcements on Rates and Terms for Webcasting Statutory Licenses (June 18, 2002) Text
  • Copyright Office to Hold Public Discussion on Notice and Records of Use of Sound Recordings on the Internet (April 22, 2002) Text
  • Copyright Office Announces New Search System (August 17, 2001) Text
  • Copyright Office Receives First E-Books for Electronic Copyright Registration (July 12, 2001) Text
  • Library of Congress, Copyright Office to Sign Agreement for Online Registration and Deposit of Musical Works from the Harry Fox Agency (November 17, 2000) Text
  • Library of Congress and Copyright Office Announce New Online Copyright Registration Program in Cooperation with Music Publishers (November 17, 2000) Text
  • Robert Dizard Appointed Staff Director of Copyright Office (May 8, 2000) Text
  • The Wizard of Oz Is Saluted in Library of Congress Bicentennial Exhibition (March 7, 2000) Text
  • Copyright Office to Increase Fees (June 7, 1999) Text
  • Copyright Office Releases Report on Digital Distance Education (May 27, 1999) Text
  • U.S. Court of Appeals Upholds Librarian on Satellite Fees (February 11, 1999) Text
  • Library of Congress and Copyright Office Sign Landmark Agreement with UMI (Jan. 22, 1999) Text
  • Report on Future of Copyright in a Networked World (July 20, 1998) Text
  • U.S. Copyright Office Creates New Listserv (October 21, 1997) Text
  • David Carson Appointed Copyright General Counsel (September 24, 1997) Text
  • Copyright Office Report on Cable, Satellite Licenses (August 11, 1997) Text
  • Copyright Office Initiates Second “CORDS” Test Site (April 16, 1997) Text
  • Seized Recording Equipment Donated to Library (October 16, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Office Presents Digital Technology Seminar for Representatives from the People's Republic of China (July 28, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Office Hires Policy Planning Advisors (July 22, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Office Hires Expert to Study Internet (July 18, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Office Presents Digital Technology Seminar (June 28, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Office Holds Seminar for CIS States (June 19, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Issues Report on Waiver of Moral Rights in Art (March 21, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Office Begins Testing Digital Application and Deposit System (March 20, 1996) Text
  • Copyright Office Holds Conference on Digital Information (February 26, 1996) Text
  • Shira Perlmutter Named to New Copyright Position (January 30, 1996) Text
  • Librarian Honors Former Register of Copyrights Barbara Ringer (September 26, 1995) Text
  • Copyright Office Issues Clarification (December 7, 1994) Text
  • Marybeth Peters Named New Register of Copyrights (July 29, 1994) Text
  • Mary Levering Appointed Deputy Register of Copyrights (April 11, 1994) Text
  • Barbara Ringer Named Acting Register of Copyrights (December 20, 1993) Text
  • New Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panels Established (December 17, 1993) Text
  • New Online Information System Available (October 7, 1993) Text
  • First CD-ROMs Deposited at LC Under New Copyright Agreement (September 28, 1993) Text
  • Register of Copyrights Ralph Oman Resigns (September 20, 1993) Text
  • Librarian of Congress to Report to Congress on Copyright (September 15, 1993) Text
  • LC Advisory Group on Copyright Registration and Deposit (May 20, 1993) Text
  • Remote Access to LC Computer Files Now Available (April 29, 1993) Text
  • Online Access to LC Automated Files over Internet (January 27, 1993) Text

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