U.S. Copyright Office

September 7, 2000
Issue 99
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Federal Register

Office Requests Comments and Notices of Intention to Participate from 1998 Cable Royalty Claimants (65 FR 54077)

On August 18, 2000, representatives of the Phase I claimant categories to which royalties have been allocated in prior cable distribution proceedings filed a motion with the Copyright Office for a partial distribution of 75 percent of the 1998 cable royalty fund. The Office will consider this motion after all interested parties have been identified by filing Notices of Intention to Participate and have had an opportunity to file comments on the existence and extent of any controversy and responses to the motion.

The Copyright Office directs all claimants to royalty fees collected under the section 111 cable statutory license in 1998 to submit comments as to whether a Phase I or Phase II controversy exists as to the distribution of those fees and the extent of any identified controversy. The Office also requests that claimants file a Notice of Intention to Participate in a royalty distribution proceeding. Comments and Notices of Intention to Participate are due in the Copyright Office by October 6.

The motion of Phase I Claimants for Partial Distribution is available for copying in the Office of the General Counsel and may be found on the Copyright Office Website at http://www.copyright.gov/carp/cablepetition.pdf


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