[Federal Register: August 1, 2000 (Volume 65, Number 148)]
[Rules and Regulations]               
[Page 46873]



Copyright Office

37 CFR Part 201

[Docket No. RM 97-5B]

Copyright Restoration of Works in Accordance With the Uruguay 
Round Agreements Act; Corrections Pertaining to Notices of Intent To 
Enforce Restored Copyrights

AGENCY: Copyright Office, Library of Congress.

ACTION: Correction of errors made pertaining to the filing of Notices 
of Intent to Enforce Restored Copyrights.


SUMMARY: This notice gives public notice that the Copyright Office is 
correcting certain errors in the filing and recordation of notices of 
intent to enforce restored copyrights under the Uruguay Round Agreements 
Act and issuing a policy decision permitting administrative correction 
of certain errors.

EFFECTIVE DATE: August 1, 2000.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION CONTACT: Charlotte Douglass, Principal Legal 
Advisor to the General Counsel, Copyright GC/I&R, P.O. Box 70400, 
Southwest Station, Washington, D.C. 20024. Telephone: (202) 707-8380. 
Telefax: (202) 707-8366.

SUPPLEMENTARY INFORMATION: In 1997, the Copyright Office adopted an 
interim regulation which permitted correction of errors in the filing 
of Notices of Intent to Enforce (NIEs) restored copyrights under 
certain conditions, pursuant to the Uruguay Round Agreements Act. 62 FR 
55736 (1997). In accordance with that regulation, a Correction Notice 
has been filed to correct certain information appearing on the NIE for 
the first work listed below, originally recorded effective August 22, 
1997. The new information has been cataloged in Copyright Office 
    In a separate case, the Office has administratively amended the 
record for a Group NIE to reflect 45 additional titles not originally 
included. The effective date will be that of the original Group NIE, 
April 17, 1998. The Office is making this amendment to reflect a policy 
determination regarding the regulation permitting a single Group NIE to 
cover multiple works at a discounted rate where ``all of the works are 
by the same author.'' 37 CFR 201.33 (1999). Previously the Copyright 
Office neither indexed nor listed titles from a Group NIE that did not 
have complete identity of authorship with other titles. For example, if 
a Group NIE listed titles 1and 2 by Author A and title 3 by Coauthors A 
and B, the Office required an additional NIE to be filed before 
publishing or indexing the nonconforming title.
    In response to an inquiry and reexamination of the matter, the 
Office has since determined that the regulation might reasonably have 
been interpreted to permit group filing where the works had at least 
one common author. The Office has, therefore, decided that when it 
becomes aware that it has refused to list titles from Group NIEs 
because the listed works did not contain total unity of authorship but 
had one or more common authors, the Copyright Office will amend the 
original NIE record to reflect the previously omitted titles and 
publish those titles in the Federal Register on the next scheduled 
four-month publication date. If any corrections are received, the next 
projected publication date is December 1, 2000.

List of Corrected Notices of Intent To Enforce

Correction NIE

Republic Entertainment Inc.

Administrative NIE Correction

Sociedad Argentina de Autores y Compositores de Musica
    Amores de estudiante
    Apure delantero buey
    Arrabal amargo
    Ave sin rumbo
    Criollita de mis amores
    Cuando tu no estas
    Caminito soleado
    Criollita deci que si
    Cuesta abajo
    El dia que me quieras
    En los campos en flor
    En vano, en vano
    Guitarra, guitarra mia
    Hay una virgen
    Lejana tierra mia
    Mananita de sol
    Me da pena confesarlo
    Melodia de arrabal
    Mi Buenos Aires querido
    Mi caballo bayo
    Mi moro
    Los ojos de mi moza
    El pangare
    Pobre gallo bataraz
    Pobre mi negra
    Por una cabeza
    Recuerdo malevo
    Rubias de New York
    Sus ojos se cerraron
    Tu y yo
    Un bailongo
    Vals de las guitarras
    Viejos tiempos
    Volvio una noche
    Yo te adoro

    Dated: July 25, 2000.
Marilyn J. Kretsinger,
Assistant General Counsel.
[FR Doc. 00-19098 Filed 7-31-00; 8:45 am]