U.S. Copyright Office

October 12, 2000
Issue 104
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Federal Register

180-day Arbitration Period Begins for Phase II Distribution of 1997 Cable Royalty Funds for Syndicated Programming Category (65 FR 60690)

The Librarian of Congress is announcing the existence of a controversy as to the distribution of 1997 cable royalties in the syndicated programming category and is initiating an arbitration proceeding under chapter 8 of title 17 to resolve the distribution. The arbitration proceeding commences on October 17, 2000. On that day, a meeting between the parties in this proceeding and the arbitrators will take place at the Library of Congress to discuss the hearing schedule, resolution of designated issues, and other matters. The meeting is open to the public. Copies of the hearing schedule, when finalized, will be available in the Copyright Office upon request.


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