U.S. Copyright Office
Strategic Plan 2002-2006

 Introduction by the Register of Copyrights

I am pleased to present this revised strategic plan for the United States Copyright Office. The plan covers fiscal years 2002-2006 and provides a high-level strategic framework for fulfilling the Office's mission. The way in which the Copyright Office works, the processes we use, and the technology we employ must be able to accommodate the demands of our digital world. We will maximize the use of information technology systems in our reengineering of business processes to make our services more fully electronic.

The plan consists of the following parts:

This strategic plan is linked to the goals and day-to-day activities of managers and staff through Annual Program Performance Plans, which form a basis for manager and supervisory performance plans and periodic staff performance reviews.

An appendix to this plan shows links to the Library of Congress strategic plan (1997-2004). Throughout this Strategic Plan, the word "copyright" is used to refer to copyright, mask works, and design registration for vessel hulls, as well as to recordable documents relating to these categories of intellectual property.

As the Office looks to the future, I am confident that we will build upon our accomplishments to ensure a strong, effective, and balanced national copyright system. The Copyright Office will continue to lead and serve toward the constitutional goal "to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts..."

Marybeth Peters
Register of Copyrights
U.S. Copyright Office
Library of Congress

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