U.S. Copyright Office
Strategic Plan 2002-2006

Part 2 Summary of Major Goals and Objectives

Copyright Law Administration

Goal 1: Carry out the administrative functions of copyright and related laws embodied in title 17 to provide benefit to the public.

Objective 1.1: Registration ­ Provide a timely and effective system to register claims to copyright and other forms of intellectual property in title 17 and provide a public record of registrations.

Objective 1.2: Recordation ­ Provide a timely and effective system to record documents assigning rights relating to copyright and other title 17 protections and prepare a public record of these actions.

Objective 1.3: Mandatory Deposit ­ Provide a timely and effective system for nonregistered deposit of published copyrighted works in the Library of Congress to sustain the high quality of its collections.

Objective 1.4: Statutory Licenses and Obligations and the CARP System ­ Administer title 17 licensing provisions and ensure timely and effective receipt and distribution of royalties.

Policy Assistance, Regulatory Activities, and Litigation

Goal 2: Formulate and provide expert advice to Congress, executive branch agencies, courts, and international entities in furtherance of maintaining a strong and effective national and international copyright system.

Objective 2.1: Expert Advice and Testimony (Congress) ­ Serve the needs of Congress for expert assistance on copyright and related issues.

Objective 2.2: Expert Advice (Executive Branch) ­ Provide policy and technical assistance to the executive branch in international and national copyright matters to encourage effective copyright laws and enforcement nationally and internationally.

Objective 2.3: Rulemaking and Regulations ­ Carry out responsibilities mandated by Congress by conducting rulemaking proceedings, adopting necessary regulations to implement title 17, and informing the public.

Objective 2.4: Litigation ­ Assist the executive branch and the courts with copyright and related litigation.

Public Information and Education

Goal 3: Be an effective voice for the principles of copyright, which benefit the public, by providing information and informing the public debate on copyright issues.

Objective 3.1: Provision of Information ­ Provide copyright information and reference services to the public in a timely and efficient manner.

Objective 3.2: Outreach ­ Provide public outreach through speakers, tours, exhibits, and other means.


Goal 4: Maintain an organization and workforce that perform effectively.

Objective 4.1: Workforce Development ­ Recruit, train, and develop employees for effective performance.

Objective 4.2: Management Controls and Support ­ Maintain effective management controls and support to comply with applicable laws, to safeguard assets, to provide proper funds accounting, and to carry out efficient, effective, and economical copyright programs.

Objective 4.3: Workplace Safety and Functionality ­ Ensure effective maintenance of safety, functionality, and personal security in the workplace.


U.S. Copyright Office
Statutory Authority, Functions & Initiatives
U.S. Constitution
Article 1, Section 8
U.S. Code, Title 17
(Copyright and Related Acts)
Copyright Law/
Title 17 Administration

Mandatory Deposit
Statutory Licenses & Obligations & CARP System
Policy Assistance,
Regulatory Activities, & Litigation

Expert Advice & Testimony (Congress)
Expert Advice (Executive Branch)
Rulemaking & Regulations
Public Information
& Education

Provision of Information

Workforce Development
Management Controls
Workplace Safety & Functionality
Business Process Reengineering (BPR)
Information Technology (IT)


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