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Annual Report 2002: Budget

The Copyright Office annually receives three appropriations from Congress: Basic, Licensing and CARP. Total fy 2002 Copyright Office budget authority was $40,896,000 with a full-time equivalent (FTE) staff ceiling of 530. The Basic appropriation ($34,912,000) funds the majority of the Office’s activities. The Licensing budget activities ($3,396,000) and the CARP budget activities ($2,588,000) were fully funded from user fees withdrawn from royalty pools. The Office also received a Furniture and Furnishings allocation of $380,313. Due to the anthrax incident that caused a severe mail disruption, in January 2002 the Office received a special security supplemental of $187,386 to fund overtime expenses to process the mail. Furthermore, in August 2002 the Office received another special supplemental of $7.5 million to replace a possible receipts shortfall due to disruptions in receiving postal mail.

The total Basic appropriation derives its funding from two revenue sources: net appropriations from the U.S. Treasury ($13,032,000 in fy 2002) and offsetting collections authority from user fees ($21,880.000). At the end of the fiscal year, the Office had collected $19,624,226 in user fees.

Investment Income from Deposit Accounts

In fy 2002, the Office continued to invest deposit account holdings in U.S. securities. Deposit account holdings increased to more than $4 million. Over $3 million was invested in each of two three-month Treasury bills during the first and fourth quarters. A total of $59,577 in interest was earned from investments during the fiscal year, a significant decrease compared to fy 2001 earnings due to lowered interest rates.

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