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Issue 353 - October 16, 2008

Copyright Office Working with Federal Register to Correct Notice Published on October 14 about Proposed Fee Increases

The Copyright Office published a notice of proposed rulemaking in the Federal Register on October 14 to inform the public that it is considering new fees for registration of claims, special services, and Licensing Division services, and that it intends to submit to Congress a schedule of proposed new statutory fees and fees for certain other services. The published notice inadvertently omitted two charts comparing existing and proposed new fees for special services and Licensing Division services. The Federal Register will correct its error and publish a corrected notice as soon as possible. The corrected notice will include a complete schedule of proposed new fees and an updated deadline for submission of comments. 


Dec. 2, 2008 - Due date for comments on section 1201(a)(1)(C) rulemaking

Feb. 2, 2009 - Due date for comments on proposed classes of works to be exempted from prohibition on circumvention

Apr. 1, 2009 - Anticipated date of implementation of new fee schedule


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