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Issue 351 - August 21 , 2008

Copyright Office Issues Memorandum Opinion to Copyright Royalty Board on Material Questions of Substantive Law

On August 8 the Register of Copyrights, acting pursuant to statute, responded to material questions of substantive law referred by the Copyright Royalty Judges. The questions concerned the division of authority between the Judges and the Register of Copyrights under the Section 115 statutory license. Specifically, the Copyright Royalty Board requested a decision by the Register of Copyrights regarding whether the Judges’ authority to adopt terms under the section 115 license is solely limited to late payment, notice of use, and recordkeeping regulations; and if the answer is no, then what other categories or types of terms may the Judges prescribe by regulation. To read the memorandum, go to the Copyright Office website at www.copyright.gov. (Read further information)



August 28 - Due date for comments on Section 115 rulemaking (more)

Sept. 2 - Due date for reply comments on regulatory changes to accommodate the retransmission of digital signals pursuant to the cable statutory license (more)

Sept. 15 - Due date for reply comments on Section 115 rulemaking (more)

Sept. 16 - Due date for reply comments on Section 111 rulemaking (more)

Sept. 19 - Hearing on Section 115 rulemaking (more)



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