News Bulletins from the U.S. Copyright Office
May 31, 2002   Issue 162
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Copyright Office Fees Expected to Change on July 1


June 20

Librarian of Congress will issue final determination on rates and terms for the statutory license for webcasting (read details)

July 1

Expected effective date of Copyright Office fee changes (read details)

July 1

Beginning of 60-day period when, in the absence of a license agreement, a party with a significant interest in establishing reasonable terms and rates for certain statutory licenses may file a petition to initiate a rate setting proceeding. (read details)

October 7

Initiation date should arbitration proceedings be necessary in adjustment of rates and terms for noncommercial educational broadcasting compulsory license.

Copyright Office Fees Expected to Change on July 1

The Copyright Office is publishing a final rule establishing adjusted fees for certain of its services. The basic fee for registration of an original work of authorship will not change. However, other registration and recordation fees will be adjusted. These adjustments include a number of increased fees and the elimination of the fee for inspection of Copyright Office records. The fee for having Copyright Office staff make photocopies of Office records will decline for those requesting few pages. Adjusted fees will be effective July 1, 2002. This final rule assumes that no legislative action on the matter will take place before July 1, 2002. (Read details.)

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