News Bulletins from the U.S. Copyright Office
September 21, 2001   Issue 130
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In This Issue
Office Extends Filing Period for Comments and Notices of Intent to Participate

September 27

Due date for comments on proposed amendments to regulations governing content and service of certain notices on the copyright owner of a musical work (read details)

September 28

Due date for Notices of Intent to Participate and comments on proposed regulations that will govern the RIAA collective (read details)

January 28, 2002

Close of arbitration proceeding to set the rates and terms for the digital public performance of sound recordings license (as it pertains to webcasters) under 17 U.S.C. 114 and for the making of ephemeral copies in furtherance of a digital public performance under 17 U.S.C. 112 (read details)

Copyright Office Extends Filing Period for Comments and Notices of Intent to Participate

The Copyright Office is extending the period to file comments to proposed regulations that will govern the RIAA collective when it functions as the designated agent receiving royalty payments and statements of accounts from nonexempt subscription digital transmission services that make digital transmissions of sound recordings under the provisions of section 114 of the Copyright Act. The Copyright Office published a notice of proposed rulemaking seeking comment on July 23, 2001 (66 FR 38226). Comments were due August 22, 2001. The deadline was extended to September 19, 2001. It has now been extended to September 28, 2001. There will be no further extensions of the filing date for comments and Notices of Intent to Participate in this proceeding. (read details)

Past Issues
Office Extends Filing Date for Comments on Proposed Regulations Governing RIAA Collective 9/4/01

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Office Proposes Amendments to Regulations Governing Content and Service of Certain Notices on the Copyright Owner of a Musical Work 8/28/01

Copyright Office Announces Initiation of and Schedule for Arbitration Proceeding for Digital Performance Rights in Sound Recordings and Ephemeral Recordings

Copyright Office Requests Comment On Proposed Regulations Governing Section 114 Designated Agent

Revised Copyright Act Available Online

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