News Bulletins from the U.S. Copyright Office
June 28, 2001 Issue 124
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In This Issue
Copyright Office Announces Technical Amendments to Regulations
Copyright Basics Available in Spanish

June 28

Effective date of Copyright Office technical amendments (read details)

July 1

Effective date of requirement that a claim to royalties collected under the cable statutory license and the satellite statutory license list the name and address of each copyright owner to the joint claim (read details)

Copyright Office Announces Technical Amendments to Regulations

The Copyright Office has completed its annual review of Copyright Office regulations and has adopted nonsubstantive amendments to clarify, update, and correct the text of the regulations. As part of this review, the Office removed sections 211.5(f) and 201.15 because their regulatory authority had either expired or been repealed by the Semiconductor Chip Protection Act of 1984, as amended, and the Work Made for Hire and Copyright Corrections Act of 2000. The Office also added a section on limited purpose addresses for certain time-sensitive communications and made other changes to correct minor errors. (read details)

Copyright Basics Available Online in Spanish

Copyright Basics, which is Circular 1, is now available online in Spanish. Visit the Copyright Office Website at to read Fundamentos Básicos del Derecho de Autor.


Past Issues

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Copyright Office Requests Comments on Proposed Amendments to Regulation Governing Notices of Termination of Transfers and Licenses Covering the Extended Renewal Term 5/3/01

Additional Comment Filed with Office in Docket No. RM 2000-7 5/3/01

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