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May 3, 2001
Issue 121

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Federal Register

Copyright Office Requests Comments on Proposed Amendments to Regulation Governing Notices of Termination of Transfers and Licenses Covering the Extended Renewal Term (66 FR 22139)

The Copyright Office is proposing amendments to its regulation governing notices of termination of transfers and licenses covering the extended renewal term. The current regulation is limited to notices of terminations made under section 304(c) of the copyright law. The Sonny Bono Copyright Term Extension Act created a separate termination right under section 304(d). Under the proposed regulation, procedures governing notices of termination of the extended renewal term would cover notices made under either section 304(c) or 304(d). Substantive changes include the following: 1) Section (b)(i) of the proposed regulation requires that if the termination is made under section 304(d), the notice should provide a statement to that effect; 2) A new §201.10(b)(vi) is added requiring notices issued under section 304(d) to contain a statement "that the rights in the extended renewal term which are being terminated have not been subject to a previous termination." This is a statutory requirement imposed in section 304(d). Comments should be in writing and should be received on or before June 18.

Copyright Office

Additional Comment Filed with Office in Docket No. RM 2000-7

The Copyright Office has received an additional comment, filed on behalf of Supertracks.com, Inc., in response to the Office's notice of inquiry regarding interpretation and application of the mechanical and digital phonorecord compulsory license, 17 U.S.C. 115, to certain digital music services. 66 FR 14099 (March 9, 2001). The Office has determined that this comment was timely filed. The comment is available for photocopying at the Office of the Copyright General Counsel, Library of Congress, James Madison Memorial Building, Room LM-403, First and Independence Avenue, S.E., Washington, D.C.



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