U.S. Copyright Office

April 13, 2001
Issue 118

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Federal Register

Office Publishes Procedures for Service of Notice of Action on Register of Copyrights when Registration Has Been Refused (66 FR 19094)

The Copyright Office is publishing the procedures for proper service on the Register of Copyrights when a registration applicant whose application for registration has been refused institutes an infringement action. Title 17 U.S.C., section 411(a) requires service under such circumstances. The statute enables the Register to become a party to an action, if he or she chooses, with respect to the issues of registrability of the copyright claim, and to explain the Office's rejection of an application or to clarify the Office's registration practices and procedures. The statute does not give specific instructions about service on the Register when registration has been refused. Therefore, the Office is publishing in its regulations the procedures whereby notice of institution of lawsuits and complaints in cases where registration has been refused must be served directly upon the appropriate Copyright Office officials. This final rule is being published without opportunity for notice and comment because it is a rule of agency practice and procedure.


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