U.S. Copyright Office

February 12, 2001
Issue 115

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Federal Register

Copyright Office Announces Voluntary Negotiation Period (66 FR 9881)

The Copyright Office announces the initiation of a six-month voluntary negotiation period for determining reasonable rates and terms for the public performance of sound recordings by new subscription services. The voluntary negotiation period begins February 12, 2001. For purposes of the section 114 license, "a 'new subscription service' is a service that performs sound recordings by means of noninteractive subscription digital audio transmissions and that is not a preexisting subscription service or a preexisting satellite digital audio radio service." The Office is also requesting that parties participating in the negotiation process so notify the Office by March 1, 2001. The Office will compile a list solely for informational purposes. This notification to participate in the settlement discussion is not a Notice of Intent to Participate in a CARP proceeding.


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