U.S. Copyright Office

July 6, 2000
Issue 95
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Federal Register

Public Performance of Sound Recordings: Definition of a Service. Extension of reply comment period. (65 FR 41612)

The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress is extending the period for filing reply comments in the proceeding to consider the merits of a petition filed by the Digital Media Association. The petition seeks a determination that a webcasting service is not deemed to be interactive merely because it offers the consumer some degree of influence over the programming offered by the service. Written reply comments are due on July 14, 2000.

Distribution of 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 Digital Audio Recording Technology Royalties. Announcement of the schedule for the proceeding. (65 FR 41737)

The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress is announcing the schedule for the 180-day arbitration period for the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel ("CARP") proceeding to determine the distribution of the 1995-98 digital audio recording technology ("DART") royalties in the Musical Works Funds. Filings must be submitted according to the announced schedule, except as otherwise provided by Order of the Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panel.

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