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June 28, 2000
Issue 94
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Federal Register

Copyright Office Makes Technical Amendments to Regulations (65 FR 39819)

The Copyright Office periodically reviews its regulations as published in the Code of Federal Regulations to correct minor and typographical errors in the published text. The Office has identified such errors in the currently published rules and makes corrections now. In addition, some corrections, such as the time allotted an agency to respond to a request under the Privacy Act, and the time in which an appeal must receive response, are changes made to conform the Office's regulations to the Privacy Act of 1974, which is part of the Administrative Procedure Act, 5 U.S.C. 552(a).

The following sections are being amended: Secs. 203.3(a); 203.3(b)(2); 203.3(g); 203.4(c); 203.4(d); 203.4(f); 203.4(g); 204.4(a); 204.4(c); 204.5(a); 204.5(c); 204.7(a); 204.7(b); 204.8(a); and 204.8(b).

Copyright Office Makes Technical Amendments to Regulations Governing Registration of Claims to Copyright (65 FR 39818)

The Copyright Office conducted an extensive review of Parts 201 and 202 of its regulations. As a result, the Office is updating and correcting minor errors in the text of these parts as published in the Code of Federal Regulations.

Copyright Office

Register of Copyrights Testifies at June 15 House Subcommittee Hearing

On June 15, Register of Copyrights Marybeth Peters testified before the Subcommittee on Courts and Intellectual Property of the House Committee on the Judiciary. The hearing concerned "Copyrighted Webcast Programming on the Internet." She reiterated the Office's opposition to compulsory licenses for the Internet. She said, "We believe copyright owners should be allowed to exercise the full complement of exclusive rights granted them by the copyright law; we also believe that the marketplace should decide the price and the terms of the licensing of those rights. These principles are fully applicable to retransmissions of television broadcast stations over the Internet."

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