U.S. Copyright Office

February 28, 2000
Issue 79

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Federal Register

Copyright Office Announces Adjustment of Cable Statutory License Royalty Rates (65 FR 10564)

The Copyright Office is announcing receipt of two petitions to adjust the royalty rates for the cable statutory license. Both petitions come from copyright owner groups: Joint Sports Claimants and Program Suppliers. The Office seeks comments on the petitions and announces a deadline of April 6, 2000, for filing Notices of Intent to Participate in a CARP proceeding to adjust the rates. Failure to file a timely Notice of Intent to Participate will preclude a party from further participation in this proceeding. The Office also announces the dates of the 30-day negotiation period. The 30-day period begins on April 10, 2000, and ends on May 10, 2000. Written notification of the status of settlement negotiations is due no later than May 11, 2000.

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