U.S. Copyright Office

January 24, 2000
Issue 75

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Copyright Office Publishes Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (65 FR 3404)

The Copyright Office is proposing amendments to its regulations governing information given to the public for litigation purposes in cases where the application for registration is still in-process. The Office is also proposing to publish in regulatory text the existing requirement for submission of a Litigation Statement when a third party needs copies of material accompanying a registration claim for use in actual or pending litigation and other minor clarifications to these regulations. These proposed amendments will allow a qualified party greater access to in-process registration materials and also provide clearer information to the public on how to get these materials. Comments are due in the Office by March 21.

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Copyright Office


The Copyright Office wishes to make two corrections. (1) The calendar in NewsNet 74 stated that the 2-year period for rates and terms for compulsory licenses under 17 U.S.C. 112(e) and 114(f) begins Jan. 1, 2002. In fact, it begins Jan. 1, 2001, as reported in NewsNet 73. (2) The list of potential arbitrators for Copyright Arbitration Royalty Panels is generated biennially, not biannually, as stated in 65 FR 2439.


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