U.S. Copyright Office

December 4, 2000
Issue 110

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Federal Register

Copyright Office Announces Cost of Living Adjustment for Performance of Musical Compositions by Colleges and Universities (65 FR 75167)

The Copyright Office of the Library of Congress announces a cost of living adjustment of 3.4 percent in the royalty rates paid by colleges, universities, or other nonprofit educational institutions not affiliated with National Public Radio for the use of copyrighted published nondramatic musical compositions. The cost of living adjustment is based on the change in the Consumer Price Index from October 1999 to October 2000. Rounding off to the nearest dollar, the adjustment in the royalty rate for the use of musical compositions in the repertory of ASCAP and BMI is $239 each and $65 for the use of musical compositions in the repertory of SESAC.

Copyright Office

No Federal Register Publication of NIEs in December

There will be no Federal Register publication of NIEs on December 1, 2000, because no timely NIEs or NIE Corrections were submitted during the previous 4 months.


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