U.S. Copyright Office

December 20, 1999
Issue 71

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Federal Register

Copyright Office Closes Rulemaking on Definition of Unserved Household (64 FR 71086)

The Copyright Office is closing the rulemaking proceeding to consider whether the section 119 satellite carrier statutory license is broad enough in scope to encompass satellite retransmission of television broadcast stations to subscribers who reside within the local markets of those stations. The passage of the Satellite Home Viewer Improvement Act of 1999 (enacted as part of P.L. 106-113)
has rendered this rulemaking proceeding moot. Congress has clarified that local retransmissions are not covered by the section 119 license. Instead, they are covered by the new, royalty-free section 122 license that is expressly limited to local retransmissions of television broadcast stations by satellite carriers. For a link to the Federal Register announcement, visit the Copyright Office Website at http://www.copyright.gov/fedreg/1999/64fr71086.html or http://www.copyright.gov/fedreg/1999/64fr71086.pdf 

For the complete text of Federal Register announcements, visit the Copyright Office Website at www.copyright.gov.


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