U.S. Copyright Office

November 3, 1999
Issue 66

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Notice and Recordkeeping for Non-Subscription Digital Transmissions:  Copyright Office Proposes Extending Deadline (64 FR 59140)

The Copyright Office proposes extending the date by which a non interactive, non-subscription service currently making digital transmissions of sound recordings must file an initial notice of digital transmission with the Copyright Office from October 15, 1999, to December 1, 1999. Comments on the proposed extension must be received by the Copyright Office no later than November 17, 1999 (and not, as reported in NewsNet 65, November 18, 1999).

Because the Office anticipates that there will not be substantive objections filed and that the Office will promulgate a final rule extending the deadline to December 1, services that have commenced making eligible non-subscription transmissions and that have not yet filed initial notices are encouraged to file their initial notices prior to promulgation of the final rule and in no event later than December 1, 1999. For more information, see the GPO site or the Office Website at http://www.copyright.gov/fedreg/1999/64fr59140.html


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