U.S. Copyright Office NewsNet, Issue 63, October 7, 1999

U.S. Copyright Office

October 7, 1999
Issue 63

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Copyright Office Announces Corrections and Additions to the Current Systems of Records (64 FR 54361)

The Copyright Office is amending information contained in the list of its systems of records as last published on September 28, 1998. Specifically, the Office is amending information concerning records maintained on the agreements between the Library of Congress and copyright owners of motion pictures. The Office is also amending the notification procedures for several systems in order to establish the same procedure for accessing all systems. In addition, the Office is adding to the list four additional systems of records that were developed in the last year. Categories being added to the list include appeals of the Office's refusal to register a claim submitted by a copyright claimant; records concerning an online service provider's designation of an agent; records related to initial notices of digital transmissions of sound recordings; and records of notice of designation as a collective.


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