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July 1, 1999
Issue 54
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Copyright Office Fees Go Up July 1

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Copyright Office fees charged for copyright registration,
recordation, and related services increase effective July 1 and apply
to any request for those services received in the Office on or after
July 1. The fee increases were announced in the Federal Register on
June 1 (64 FR 29517).

In addition to changing certain fees, the Office is
consolidating and relocating the new fees in one new regulatory
section of the Code of Federal Regulations. The new section also
contains most references to fees for other Copyright Office services,
including fees for discretionary or special services and services
performed by the Licensing Division. The new section will be found at
37 CFR 201.3. A new subsection (Sec. 201.3(e6)) provides a quick
reference for certain services provided by the Licensing Division.
Some of these fees have been adjusted and some remain the same.
Certain fees do not appear in the new 37 CFR 201.3. These
include (1) fees for processing Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA)
filings; (2) fees for services involved in processing Freedom of
Information Act (FOIA) requests; and (3) fees for providing new
services where a final fee has not been established.


July 1: Copyright Office begins accepting applications on Form D-VH
for registration of a vessel hull design

July 1: Effective date of Copyright Office fee increase (64 FR

July 1: Effective date of final rule on group registration of daily
newsletters (64 FR 29522)

July 6: Due date for comments on notices of intent to participate in
distribution of royalty fees in 1995, 1996, 1997, and 1998 Musical
Works Funds (64 FR 23875)

July 26: Due date for comments on section 1201(g) of the Digital
Millennium Copyright Act (64 FR 28802)


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